Youth Program

Renovación Juvenil is a program designed to provide practical tools to Latino teenagers so they can have a better communication not only with their parents, but also with other people in their family environment. The two-day workshop offers participants ideas on how to resist peer pressure, steer clear of the use of drugs and alcohol, avoid falling into the pressures of gangs, and prevent premature pregnancies, all while helping them adapt to living in a dual culture (Latino and Anglo).

The program serves Latino youth ages 13 to 18 years old, and teaches them character building, life and leadership skills emphasizing Christian and moral values. The workshops, conducted by trained volunteers, happen in a carefully planned sequence. At the same time, a half-day workshop is prepared for the teens’ parents, where they receive information on the topics that were discussed with their children. They also receive ideas for improving communication with them and tools to build a more harmonious and happy family environment. After these events, support groups are established and one-on-one mentorship is provided if the teen and/or his family desires.

Once teens have attended the follow-up meetings, they can start attending our “Latino Youth Leadership Academy”, a series of trainings conducted by a group of volunteer professionals, community partners, and teens. After completing required training, we offer them the opportunity to start volunteering for us or we help them find other volunteer opportunities in the community.

“Renovacion Juvenil” has the advantage of being led by other Latino teens, all of whom are program graduates. This helps the participants identify themselves with the presenters. At the present time we have a group of teens and young adults working for the project. We have been particularly successful in empowering teens (as young as 13) and mainly Latina girls to lead.

Like all the workshops and activities of the couple´s workshop (Taller de Parejas), “Renovacion Juvenil” workshops are held at different locations where the group is invited.

Each workshop will be followed by a support group..

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