Workshop for Parents and Teens

This program consists of a one day workshop specially designed to open more, new and better channels of communication between parents and their kids, offering them the opportunity to learn better ways to communicate and understand each other. The workshop is aimed at parents and their children from 13 to 18 years of age.

Ser Familia, Inc. understands the need and urgency of developing activities that promote a more healthy relationship between parents and their adolescent children. We see clearly that social changes disarm and weaken the confidence of parents in themselves and their abilities. They have to give answers to the needs of the children and do not always know how to do it. We are aware of the difficulties that Latino parents face to raise their children in a different country with a different culture and speaking a language different than their children.

The family is the place where children should learn to communicate. The way in which the family communicates largely determines how these kids communicate with others in their environment, teachers, friends, etc. The vision for the workshop is to give everyone (parents and children) the opportunity to discover themselves and discover the needs of others. In this way we reinforce self-confidence and confidence in one another. We learn to respect each other and create stronger ties.

Upcoming Workshops

Our objectives are to:

Provide parents greater motivation to initiate a deep relationship with their kids, speaking the same language: the universal language of love, forgiveness and understanding.
That children understand and appreciate the ideas, thoughts and values of their parents.
Help parents learn nurturing skills to emotionally support their children
Teach parents how to effectively guide their youth
Give youth a healthy future orientation
Teach youth skills for dealing with peer pressure
Promote the family’s emotional healing and forgiveness