Couples’ Workshop

Our couples’ program offers each person the opportunity to gain a better understanding of themself, to know their spouse or partner better, and to strengthen the couple’s love and commitment. We want couples to recover confidence in each other and regain mutual respect. We provide an encouraging environment where participants can get in touch with their feelings and communicate about the problems and situations that are affecting them and their relationship.

During the workshop, participants can talk to each other privately and openly about the presented topics in a comfortable environment. Some questions are provided to serve as a guide to make their communication easier. Couples can also interact with one of our volunteer mentors who are available to listen to them if the couple wishes to do that. After every workshop, we prepare and keep a support group for all couples. There is no cost for the couple’s participation in these support groups.

The program discusses eight topics that cover a complete analysis cycle of a couple’s relationship. These topics are presented through the testimonies of couples that have experienced similar situations. Each of the topics covers key concepts along with additional, more personal experiences from the presenters.

The cycle begins exploring the idea that we were made to be happy. This topic discusses the different tools that couples have to achieve that happiness. The second area is Spiritual Divorce. It examines the level of separation and/or togetherness that the couple might have. It teaches how to recognize early signs of trouble in the relationship.

The concept of Adultery exposes the negative consequences of giving something or someone priority over one’s spouse. It stresses the need to forgive in order to provide a new beginning for the relationship. Specific steps to achieve that forgiveness are shared.

The main idea of the workshop is that most issues that couples face come from the lack of an effective communication and that most of these problems can be solved if we learn to communicate better. We give couples the tools they need to develop and maintain healthy and productive communication. We also analyze those subjects or areas that tend to be conflictive to most couples.

One area of the workshop explores the union of marriage from a faith perspective. However, we also respect the reality that some of the couples that attend the seminar might not share that same faith. We stress the importance of commitment to make the relationship a success.

The program teaches the participants how to recognize patterns and traits that we receive in our upbringing and how it affects behavior as spouses and parents. We explore the topic of Sexuality as a special gift that needs to be enjoyed. It clarifies ideas and misconceptions about sexuality and encourages the couple to live their sexual life to the fullest.