Blended Families

Our "Taller para Familias Reconstituidas" is a two-day workshop for couples that had a previous marriage or cohabitation experience and are in a new relationship in which they are either married or living together. Even though the definition of reconstituted families involves the existence of kids from a preceding relationship, the program is open to couples who do not have children.

A Reconstituted Family (also known as a blended family) is the sociological term for the joining of two adults who have children from previous relationships, via marriage or cohabitation. Reconstituted families are becoming more prevalent and the frequency of such marriages is very high. Special stresses in the integration of such a family that are likely to arise include mistrust, fear of failure, and insecurity. Organizations that care for these families should be acquainted with the different aspects of such a family structure and family functioning.

This program explores important topics that will help couples gain new skills to establish a productive communication, heal wounds from past relationships that impact their current one, deal with the rejection that they might get from friends and family, and explore the needs of "your kids, my kids and our kids".

Each workshop will be followed by a support group.

Upcoming Workshops