Cultural and Linguistic Proficiency

Ser Familia, Inc. is the only organization that provides coordinated multidisciplinary services to Latino families in Georgia. Taking a holistic approach, we provide a wide range of services to Latino families. In 2012, our organization provided direct services to 2,728 Latinos in the state.

Through our extensive work with Latino families, we have endeared ourselves to this community and have gained a highly specialized knowledge in effectively serving them. We have discovered the great need for support services for Latino families and the lack of help currently in place for them. To close this gap, we have been partnering with government and community agencies, churches, and other non-profits to find ways to support the work that we are all doing and to become more effective.

We have developed specific resources that we are sharing with our fellow agencies, including a Cultural and Linguistic Proficiency Training. This program uses the knowledge that our organization has gained after 12 years of working with Latino families and serving more than 21,000 Latino clients. The work that we are doing together will improve our collective ability to recognize and address gaps in services.

We know that by sharing our data and our understanding of Latinos in the region and their reality, we will support the accessibility of an increased number of services available to Latino families. We will make the existing services more culturally relevant and thus more effective. We will support the creation of new partnerships and collaborations among agencies. We will also increase the amount of direct services that we deliver to Latino families.

We are able to provide the following presentations:

  • “Looking Through Culturally Diverse Lenses”
  • “Communicating with your Teen”
  • “Pregnancy Prevention Among Latina Teens: Involving Parents in the Conversation”
  • “Working with the Latino Community: Ideas that Work”
  • “Suicide Prevention 101”
  • “Alcohol, Drugs and Suicide: You CAN Help”
  • “Bringing Latinos to the Table”
  • If you want to have more information about us bringing Cultural and Linguistic Proficiency Training and support to your organization please contact our office at (678) 363-3079.