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September 28, 2016
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What is Georgia Gives Day?

Georgia Gives Day is an initiative that encourages individuals to support and donate to nonprofit organizations in Georgia. This movement was started by the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. The goal is to collect as much money as possible for nonprofits in 24 hours.

Why Donate to Ser Familia?

Ser Familia is a nonprofit organization that carries out multiple programs that support the Latino community.

We have two programs for couples in which we give the participants the tools they need to love and understand each other. They can be married or unmarried, in fact, many unmarried couples come to our workshops before getting married to prepare themselves further for taking such a big step.

We also have a youth program where we haven open conversations about some of the most pressing issues for the Latino youth, and we teach the teens how to deal with these issues. From drugs to gangs to communication with their parents, the teens experience two intense days of facing their fears, emotions, and their reality. This program has saved families and lives.

Speaking of families, we have multiple programs to better family life. We have a parenting program, called Triple P, as well as Strengthening Families, both of which are evidence based programs. We also have workshops where the parents and teens participate in together and parenting school where parents learn ways to raise their children.

In addition to all of our family programs, we have a domestic violence program. Here, victims of domestic violence receive tips on leaving their aggressor and they learn how to live after leaving. This program is vital considering 1 in 3 Latinas have experienced domestic violence.

Lastly, our counseling services are provided to the Latino community in English and Spanish to accommodate our bicultural community.

Where is My Donation Going?

Your donations are needed in all of our programs. On our website you can find a more detailed explanation of each program:

You can make your donations out to any of the programs that you would like! Our promise to you is that we will put your donations into the program you want! To donate, or read more about GA Gives Day and Ser Familia, please click on this link: Familia

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