Couples' Program 2

“Plenitud Matrimonial” is a wonderful experience that is going to transform your relationship. It is designed for couples that have already attended Ser Familia, Inc.’s “Taller de Parejas” workshop.

The seminar begins on a Saturday morning and ends Sunday afternoon. Seven topics and eight helpful exercises are presented to and developed with the participating couples. The workshops are carried out in a cozy hotel, away from their hectic day-to-day life.

There are a variety of different topics. Self-esteem discusses the importance of valuing and loving ourselves so that we can value and love others. You can also learn How to Communicate Your Feelings in a way that can be heard by others. To understand that Conflicts in the Relationship are a natural part of any human relationship and are particularly difficult for couples, presentations will give you a new outlook on this issue that will help you reach an understanding and make concessions to solve issues. We take a fresh and different approach to the topic of Love, giving you ideas on how to achieve true intimacy as a couple. Other areas of discussion include Sex and Marriage, practical ideas to improve the quality of the couple’s sexual life, and Effective Parents, where you will receive essential keys and ideas on how to improve parenting skills.

The useful exercises that we put on with the attending couples are very dynamic. The purpose is to develop their personal abilities for effective communication. This will allow the participants to create strong bases for their relationships. We will take them into the fascinating world of personal knowledge where they can understand the real meaning of listening, using the most effective communication technique of Active Listening.

If you have not yet joined us in this unforgettable experience, join us today! Please come with your spouse to the next “Plenitud Matrimonial” workshop. You will re-experience the beauty of love and life that very weekend. Give your spouse the most valuable thing that you have- your time. Together, you are going to learn how to harmonize the reality of your relationship to achieve the true happiness potential that this workshop offers.

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